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  • World Autism Awareness Day (April 2nd)
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    autism awareness activitiesSadly and unfortunately, not matter where or in which race a child is born, it can be a victim of autism. Even worse, the boy or girl typically suffers for the whole of his or her life. But, what is autism? It is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the proper functioning of the victim’s brain. During the first three years of life, the signs of autism start to be evident.

    From the title, you already know April 2 is the awareness day. But, how can it really relate to you?

    Are you the parent of an autistic child?

    You can join informational events arranged for parents. Attending such events can help you to learn several new ways to help your child in better ways. Some organizations may even distribute educational materials. You can also take your child out to exhibitions of artwork by artists with autism. Some events may offer music, exhibitors and lots of fun activities altogether.

    Unfortunately, it is not a public holiday. While you have no plan to go out or cannot manage enough time, you can also get a lot of helpful information shared on radio and television shows as well as on newspapers.

    Are you a teacher of autistic children? Or are you professionally involved in this area?

    Just like the parents, you can also attend events and collect educational materials. Needless to say, you can not only join panel discussions, conferences and workshops, but also participate in workshops. As a volunteer, you can help raising awareness by displaying banners and posters.

    Being a Twitter geek, you can also participate in online discussion with many people around the world. Just find the suitable hash tags and you are ready to go.

    Show your support for World Autism Awareness Day!

    You can offer your support in several simple and easy ways.

    • First, you can either donate to or participate in fundraising events on this day. You can do both of them as well.

    • Second, do you have some experience about autism? Why do you not share the experience within your community or with your neighbor?

    • Third, besides Twitter, you can spread awareness via Facebook and other social media platforms.

    • Fourth,  join other volunteers and participate in awareness activities.

    • Fifth, buy and use Autism awareness bracelet, badge or ribbon for your shirt, car, locker or refrigerator.

    • Sixth, post an article on your blog if you own a blog.
    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 2, 2014


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