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  • Women’s Healthy Vision – Make it Last a Lifetime
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    Of course healthy eyes are important to everyone. For some though, vision problems start early and generally include requiring glasses or contact lenses to correct. However, there’s a long list of eye disorders that can occur to literally anyone in the world. For this reason it’s essential to take good care of your eyes starting when you are young and continuing throughout your life.Women’s Healthy Vision – Make it Last a Lifetime

    Many times, diseases of the eye can cause blindness if left untreated. What may seem like a simple eye irritation may turn out to be an actual eye infection. Many a times eye problems can be cured by simple eye drops. Some diseases of the eye can be slowed down or possibly prevented by simply taking vitamins for eyes. If you feel you might benefit from vitamin therapy, talk to your ophthalmologist.

    One such eye problem is called dry macular degeneration, it is a type of glaucoma. There is a specific vitamin therapy that can be used to help treat the symptoms of this condition. A simple diagnosis by an ophthalmologist can identify this eye disorder. If diagnosed with this disorder, it is recommended that you wear medical jewelry to identify the problem in case of an emergency.

    This may is healthy vision month 2015. Everyone should start off by having a vision screening. Many times during a simple screening an ophthalmologist can detect eye problems in children that can then be corrected before any serious damage can be done. The same goes for women, because of the many stages of life a woman goes through, routine eye exams are critical to maintain healthy vision throughout her life.

    In some cases, women take certain hormones or steroids to help with specific medical conditions. Often times these treatments can cause vision problems as a side effect of using the specific drugs. It is important to identify these medications so that in the event of an emergency any emergency response personnel can determine any possible drug interactions. This may not seem like a big deal, however, some interactions can cause blindness. When you are using any number of prescription drugs you should always carry medical id for this reason.

    While dealing with any type of eye disorder or eye disease can be difficult, making sure that everyone knows of your conditions or medications is really a key element in getting excellent treatment in an emergency. By wearing a simple medical id bracelet you can be sure that anyone who needs to know of your conditions will get the needed information quickly. By taking precautions and routine exams, you can look forward to a lifetime of healthy eyes.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 13, 2015


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