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  • Why you should wear Medical ID for Lymphedema
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    It is World Lymphedema Day. Lymphedema is a condition that can occur in the arms and legs, often as a result of cancer treatments that remove lymph nodes. When lymph nodes are removed or do not function properly, lymphatic fluid does not move properly around the body, and can accumulate in one or more limbs, causing swelling.
    Medical ID for Lymphedema
    Most commonly lymphedema may result following cancer surgery or treatment—frequently, lymphedema results in an arm from breast cancer surgery where lymph nodes are removed in the process of a mastectomy to remove the cancer.
    Medical ID jewelry for lymphedema is necessary to avoid routine medical care from being undertaken on the affected limb. If you have lymphedema, you should not receive needles (IVs, vaccinations, injections, etc.) or blood pressure checks to the affected limb—most likely the arm is used for these procedures.
    My IDentity Doctor lymphedema jewelry will be individualized to your needs in all cases. Common engraving for lymphedema includes:
    The longer lines will fit on any back line of the MyIDDr Classic 2 ID tag with smaller emblem and front engraving available, and on the third/fourth lines on the back of the basic steel tag in your choice of colour with large emblem. It is also important to engrave any other medical conditions you have or specific treatments you may be taking. If you need assistance deciding what is important to engrave, your doctor can provide guidance.
    Why can some medical procedures not be done in the limb affected by lymphedema?
    If you have lymphedema or are at risk for lymphedema, your doctor will have instructed you how best to care for your affected limb.
    Some medical procedures that are normally done on the arm cannot be done on the affected limb due to increased risk of infection in those with or at risk of lymphedema. If you do not have lymphedema but are at risk as a result of treatment or surgery, it is important to avoid needles, injections, IVs and blood pressure checks to your affected arm to prevent development of lymphedema. [1] This is because the tissues are very sensitive and can be more prone to infection (specially regarding needles and IVs)—even if you do not yet have lymphedema but are at risk, a needle stick to your affected limb could quickly become infected due to the poor circulation of fluid and lead to lymphedema symptoms. [2]
    Symptoms of lymphedema include heaviness, tightness, difficulty moving the affected limb, aching or discomfort, recurrent infections, and/or hardening/thickening of the skin called fibrosis. [3]
    It is World Lymphedema Day
    If you live with lymphedema, take a few minutes to share this post or tell someone about your experience. If you are learning about lymphedema for the first time, you can share this post too! It may just reach someone who did not know the importance of wearing medical ID jewelry for lymphedema and could help them stay healthy.
    Published by My Identity Doctor on March 6, 2019


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