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  • Why choose CUSTOM medical ID?
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    While we have a lot of pre-engraved products on our site, which do very well if you have not had a chance to speak with your doctor about what to put on a custom medical ID bracelet or necklace, there are many great reasons to wear a made-for-your needs, custom medical ID bracelet or necklace.
    Communicate the specific details of your needs.
    • Allergies: Are you allergic to more than one product, medicine or food? Wearing a custom medical ID bracelet or necklace that details each item you are allergic to ensures that those caring for you take necessary precautions. This is especially important for those with Latex allergies.
    • Multiple medical conditions: Many medical conditions co-exist. Asthma and severe allergies; type 1 diabetes and celiac disease or hypothyroidism; type 2 diabetes and heart disease; anxiety and depression; breast cancer and lymphedema—for just a few examples. Ensuring ALL of your medical needs are communicated ensures that you can get the best care possible when you can’t communicate, and that another condition is not made worse while making the reason you need care better.
    • In Case of Emergency Contact Information: It goes without saying that ICE (In Case of Emergency) bracelets cannot be pre-engraved!
    • Organ donor status: I’m an organ donor—and I hope that you are too! If you’re getting a bracelet customized, and have some characters to spare, I hope you’ll join me in adding ORGAN DONOR on your medical bracelet or necklace! While it does not replace your next-of-kin having to give consent, and does not replace having this important discussion, it can communicate your wishes and remind your loved one of your wishes.
    More styles to choose from
    There are not nearly as many choices available in our pre-engraved bracelet styles as there are in our custom medical ID bracelet styles. Choice is very important when selecting a medical bracelet or necklace, as you need to want to wear the item you select, and should be wearing it as often as possible—our styles are waterproof, so you should rarely need to take them off.
    Getting a custom medical ID allows you to take full advantage of our wide range of medical bracelets and necklaces, from bright and bold to classic to sporty. The more choice you have, the more likely you are to find a bracelet that is the one YOU want to wear every day, and fits your life!
    Our ID tags come in a variety of colors, both in terms of colored emblems as well as colored aluminum tags! The greatest variety is available in our custom ID products. See something you want mixed-and-matched? Just contact us and find out if Jon can make it happen for you!
    Peace of mind
    Most importantly, though, is that if you are able to choose every aspect of your bracelet or necklace, you will be happiest with it in the end. Wearing your made-just-for-you bracelet will keep you safe, and hopefully make you smile! We know wearing medical ID is not a choice that you want to have to make, but it is a SMART choice if you live with chronic health conditions or allergies. By choosing a bracelet that fits your style, we hope that this choice is a positive one for you, and we are grateful to be part of your journey and adventures!
    Your health is unique to you–so your medical identification should be. We have lots of styles to fit your needs and preferences!
    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 17, 2017


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