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  • Why Promote Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month?
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    Kids eye examsThis month is a particularly important one for our kids – it’s Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. As a special promotion, My-identity-doctor is making sure as many people as possible are informed about the importance of Eye care for our kids.

    Routine eye exams are critical for anyone’s health. They don’t just check for vision issues to see if someone needs glasses (which can cause headaches!), but optometrists also check for common eye diseases, such as conjunctivitis and glaucoma. Plus, eye exams are a good indicator of anyone’s overall health.

    So why is it particularly important to promote Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month? Children need to make sure their vision develops properly, which can be monitored through eye exams. Vision is an important aspect of the learning process, and if a child has a problem with their vision that goes undetected, it can lead to issues with their academic success. What makes a child’s eye exam so much more important is that children often will not complain about their vision since it’s the way they’ve always known it to be. There is no “normal” vision for them to compare it to. If your child is having problems at school, make sure to take your child to the optometrist. In fact, according to the 2004 Annals of Family Medicine, 5-10 percent of preschoolers and 25% of children in school have vision problems!

    There’s a wide range of testing that goes on for children at different ages: infancy, preschoolers and school-aged children. So with Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, My-identity-doctor wants to make sure people follow through with preventative care for their kids – it’s important!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on August 27, 2014


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