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  • Why is World Health Day & World Malaria Day Important
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    world health dayWorld Health Day celebrates the founding of the WHO ( World Health Organisation). On April 7Th 1948. Each year this day highlights an important health related issue. In 2013 World Health Day highlighted blood pressure, in 2014 World Health Day highlights issues with vector borne diseases.

    World Malaria Day celebrates the occasion when 44 African leaders united and committed their countries to cutting malaria-related deaths. Since the year 2000 this commitment has saved over 1.1 million lives and reduced mortality by 25 % worldwide.

    Vector-Borne Diseases – Small Creatures, Major Diseases!

    Vector – Borne Diseases still continue to cause deaths and sickness across whole sections of the plant. We want to help prevent this. In this post we shall look at two important days  April 7 2014  World Health Day  and  April 25 – World Malaria Day.

    World Malaria Day

    What Is A Vector – Borne Disease?

    A vector is a small creature (Mosquito, Sandfly or Tick) that can transmit very nasty diseases. These diseases and pathogens are normally transmitted via a bite. Yes that’s right a single bite could cause you to contract a major disease, which could result in your untimely death!

    What Disease  Can Be Transmitted By Vectors?

    There are many diseases that these creatures carry and easily transmit, these are the 6 most dangerous.

    • Malaria

    • Dengue

    • Yellow Fever

    • Lyme disease

    • Leishmaniasis

    • Japanese encephalitis

    These vector borne diseases cause more than a million deaths each year and 50 % of the world population is at risk!

    How Can You Protect  Your Family

    You can protect your family with some very easy and simple precautions.

    1. Use insect repellent.

    2. Get vaccinated  at your GPS against Yellow fever and Japanese Encephalitis.

    3. Ensure you sleep under insecticide treated  mosquito/bed nets.

    4. Use window screens and additional mosquito nets.

    5. Choose light coloured long sleeve clothing.

    6. Remove stagnant water from around your accommodation.

    Remember these two important dates: World Health Day 7th April 2014  and  World Malaria Day 25th April 2014 stay safe from vector borne diseases.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 7, 2014


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