Why Buy From Us

Hi this is Jon,
I am the owner and customer service rep of My Identity Doctor. We are a small family business with a strong commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction for all our items. We have a great return policy in case you are ever unsatisfied for our non-engraved & even engraved items. This return option is not offered by 99% of engravers due to the permanent markings. We promise we will always take good care of your detailed medical information, & all information is confidential & secure. We provide the highest quality engraving to ensure your safety. Please read our About Us for additional information about My Identity Doctor.

  • BLACK Lifetime Engraving Guarantee
  • Money Back return policy on all Items, engraved or not
  • FREE Engraving :) (Burton our shop pup is our engraver, so we pay him with bones and toys)
  • A company that cares and wants to make you feel like your buying from a small family shop.Please don’t hesitate to email and say hi!  When you buy from us, you become a friend of ours. So shoot me an email just because :)

"The Most Trusted Black Lifetime Engraving you can see and trust"

Share our website !  Please, we could not offer these medical bracelets without you.  Please share our website with friends and family. Please share on Facebook, online forums, on your blog, Twitter, or maybe your support/help group both online and offline. Thank you in advance for your help :D

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