My-Identity-Doctor. is more than happy to be a distributor of one of the best and safest medical jewelry brands available.

We take pride in the quality of our products and would not settle for selling or distributing anything less.

Why Sell Items from My-Identity-Doctor

  • Grade A Non-Allergenic Steel
  • Quality Standards in Regards to all Chains and Beaded Bracelets
  • Many items were designed by My-Identity-Doctor and not available for purchase any-were els.
  • Shipped and made in Denver Colorado
  • Speedy turn around to make sure you are never out of stock
  • Highest quality Engraving available for all orders (engraving is optional)
  • Top quality name branded by My-Identity-Doctor (anybody that knows My-Identity-Doctor understands our quality and our customers safety in mind)

Wholesale Programs
Purchase items in bulk without engraving. Opening accounts require a $200 minimum order.

2.) Bulk Pre-Engraved items are available. All Pre-Engraved items come with free medical alert cards and can be Engraved with “Medical Patient, See Wallet Card” Or you can customize the Engraving to meet your needs. 

Example of Common engraving:
Peanut Allergy
Bee Sting Allergy
Nut Allergy
Gastric Bypass


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3.) Affiliate programs. Both online and offline affiliate programs available:


Set up an affiliate account with My-Identity-Doctor. Take orders online from your own website. set up addword pages etc.. etc.. and get a commission for all orders received from you

NEW Offline:
Request Offline brochures, order forms, and a jewelry display and every time a customer purchases an item using your brochures you will receive a commission.

Were to sell
* Online
* Offline
* Ebay
* Website
* Medical Awareness Events
* Gift Shops
* Hospitals

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