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  • Understanding Blood pressure readings
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    Blood-pressure-reading-007High blood pressure is a serious thing for aging adults and individuals which involves risk factors for cardiovascular disease. If you are specially advised by doctor to keep a check on your blood pressure or you might like to know about blood pressure, here are some useful tips:

    What is blood pressure?

    Blood pressure is a measure of how harsh the blood is being pushed through the arteries. Blood pressure levels vary depending upon activity level and stress level. Higher than normal blood pressure may cause stroke, damage to blood vessels and kidneys.

    What is a Blood Pressure Reading?

    It consists of two numbers:

    ·       Systolic: It is a measure of pressure level in the arteries as the heart beats.

    ·       Diastolic: It is a measure of pressure level in the arteries between heart beats.

    ·       Heart rate of 120/80 indicates a blood pressure of 120 over 80.

    What Does Readings Mean?

    The American Heart Association has set below blood pressure categories:

    ·       Less than 120/80 is considered as normal blood pressure reading

    ·       A systolic reading of 120-139 or a diastolic reading of 80-89 is treated as prehypertension

    ·       A systolic reading above 140 or a diastolic reading above 90 is called hypertension

    ·       A person with a reading above 180/110 needs immediate care

    What means if I Have High Blood Pressure?

    Blood pressure reading in the prehypertension level does not always mean to take immediate action. Your doctor will surely ask you to keep a check on your blood pressure levels at various times of the day. Prehypertension is also a sign which signifies that you should work to avoid causes of high blood pressure such as overweight, consuming excess sodium and drinking alcohol. But blood pressure reading in hypertension level should be treated immediately. To control diabetes, one should change diet, personal habits and do regular exercise and medication.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 14, 2014


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