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  • Tired of telling people that you are Diabetic? ID Yourself.
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    “Hello!!” I am Burton (the shop puppy), in charge of quality control in our shop. Once, we had a customer who was affected with diabetes. He came up to say thank you and started talking about all those years he has been dealing with diabetes. He told about one incident how he met up with an accident while driving home. He was not severely injured but his injuries were serious enough to make it worse because of diabetes. He was immediately taken to the hospital and he was in no situation to speak or even make the doctors aware of the fact that he is a diabetic. But to his good fortune, he was wearing a diabetes medical bracelet that he had purchased from our shop. And so, the doctors were able to identity his condition and treated him accordingly. We were grateful to provide him with our diabetic jewelry.


    Well, worry you not. Pay heed to the following tips from your friend Burton:

      • Get more physical exercise. Drop by to play with me.
      • Choose plenty of fiber. Though it is not good for us dogs.
      • Lose extra weight. Do you see too many dogs overweight? Or diabetic?
      • Pick unsaturated fat over saturated or trans fat. Know the difference.
      • Quit smoking. Thank god there are no Dog Cigarettes like Dog Food.


    Caring and managing diabetes is mostly in patient’s hands. The better you understand it, the more you will be able to live with it. But in case you get caught in any severe circumstances, it is helpful to have a diabetes bracelet on you all the time. Just like I have my dog tag on me all the time.

    – Woof (Burton)

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 2, 2013


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