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  • Tips for Alzheimers Caregivers
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    imagesCaring for a person living with Alzheimer’s disease is a selfless and loving act, but it can also be challenging. Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia and means the brain functionality that affects memory, thinking, and even behavior is degrading.

    When caring for a person with Alzheimer’s, know what can be expected of them, what triggers them, and what the best practices are to keep them as safe and healthy as possible. Be patient, don’t have a lot of expectations of them, and treat them with care and respect.

    Alzheimer’s affects memory, and those with the disease tend to wander. It is very helpful to place contact information on an Identity Doctor bracelet. Having the black, engraved bracelet in a clear and visible place helps increase chances of a safe return if the person is lost. The bracelet will not only help whoever is helping them to identify and therefore better care for the Alzheimer sufferer, but they can contact the person on the bracelet and arrange a safe return. I have received much feedback about how an Identity Doctor bracelet helped potentially save a life and undoubtedly helped a loved one be returned to his and her family.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 5, 2014


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