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  • Tips to stay healthy for celiac patients
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    celiac-disease-word-cloud (1)Celiac disease is caused by gluten allergies.  Gluten is a protein that is created when water mixes with wheat flour.  If you have ever seen breads that are really chewy, you know what gluten is.

    Despite what some may think, celiac disease does not mean you cannot have baked goods, breads and the like.  Instead, you must think “outside of the box” and consider alternatives.  Here are a few good tips for celiac disease sufferers.

    • CAN not CANNOT – Processed foods almost always have gluten.  Stay out of the center of a grocery store and concentrate on the edges.  Eat fresh fruits, dairy and the like for a better overall health in addition to your allergy.

    • Change thinking – You will have to cook and bake.  This means if you are accustomed to dining out frequently, do not think negatively.  Instead, think about the money you will save.

    • See a specialist – Your primary care physician can refer you to a gastroenterologist for diagnosis, diet and support groups.  There are more than you may think.

    • Support groups – Family and friends may not understand, so associate with others who share the problem.  They will empathize, share recipes and be able to help you out greatly.

    • Find alternatives – Substitute potato and tapioca flour for wheat flours.  They are normally as tasty as wheat and after a time, you will not notice.

    Celiac disease is like any chronic condition; it must be carefully managed for the best overall health results.  Good luck, continue to exercise regularly, and don’t let this get the best of you.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on February 17, 2014


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