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  • Tips on saving money with medical conditions
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Hey its me, Burton (shop puppy). Yesterday, Jon took me for a workshop on how to save money on medical bills. Interesting stuff, not for me but for you. It says that when you focus on ways to save money in your household budget, one of the top expense is the cost for health care of you and your family members. Making efforts to cut down medical costs is a huge contemplation for any individual or family. After all, sickness cannot be scheduled. However, there are many ways to cut down your medical expenses:


    1. Ask for a freebie :
    If you’re starting a new drug medication, see if you can get a sample or a starter kit from your doctor. This way you can check if the drug is working and that it doesn’t have any side effects on you, before you a take a month’s supply.

    2. Go to practitioner than a specialist in some case:
    For routine problems such as cuts, bruises, rashes or sore throats, go to a general practitioner instead of a specialist.

    3. Use telephone or email:
    Whenever possible seek advice from your doctor by telephone or email. Many doctors are willing to provide proper answer to your questions and give proper advice over phone or email, this will save irrelevant visits as well as visiting charges.

    4. Don’t be shy:
    Never hesitate to discuss your financial conditions with your doctor. You would never know but your doctor will reduce a part of your fee or treat you without any charges. It is proved that 60% of people who negotiate with their doctors get discounts. Your doctor might as well prescribe cheaper alternatives considering. Just ask for it.

    5. Avoid unnecessary lab tests:
    When your doctor suggests a test, ask if the test is essential especially when you had done the same test recently. Some doctors order more test than necessary to avoid lawsuits.

    Medical awareness bracelets also play an important part in life. It is also essential to provide medical awareness to as many people as possible. You can keep your financial and household health stable and save your money when you follow these steps to maintain your expenses as low as possible to take care of you and your family both physically and financially. Just as Me and Jon save on our medical expenses.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 8, 2013


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