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  • Tips for Living Safely with a Pacemaker
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    After having a pacemaker procedure, you might find yourself wondering what precautions you should take to ensure safety for your device. While the pacemaker surgery is a relatively quick and low-risk procedure, you’ll need to use long-term practices to ensure the optimal function and safety of your implant. Here are a few tips to remember when living with a pacemaker:

    You should receive a manual regarding the specific technical aspects of your pacemaker’s model. This manual will include vital information about your pacemaker, and you should become familiar with this information to help you detect any potential issues before a problem arises.

    Tips to carry a pacemaker

    • Get your pacemaker checked if…

    A rule of thumb when it comes to pacemaker precautions is to get your pacemaker checked if you notice any changes in your health, including dizziness or weakness. These can be signs that your pacemaker needs to be adjusted.

    Medical ID jewelry, such as those available from My-Identity-Doctor, can provide a safeguard in the event that you have an urgent pacemaker issue.

    • Keep electronics in mind

    When you are using a phone, hold it to the ear opposite the side of your pacemaker to ensure that your electronic device doesn’t interfere with your pacemaker. In addition, when you are walking through anti-theft devices at stores, airports, etc., try to move quickly through the checkpoint.

    Living with a pacemaker is a new life experience, but as long as you practice the tips given above in conjunction with those passed along from your medical provider, you should have a healthy experience with a pacemaker. Remember to read through all information provided from your health practitioner, including the manufacturer’s manual for your specific pacemaker, and be conscious of any changes in your health. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your health-care provider.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 19, 2015


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