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  • Things to be engraved on Diabetes Alert Bracelet
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Diabetes is one of the common diseases found these days. Diabetes at a time can be deadly and life-threatening disease, and if you are diagnosed to be a diabetic patient then it becomes very important for you to wear a Diabetes Alert Bracelet. This Diabetes Bracelet (jewelry) contains the person’s important medical history and information that helps the first responders, EMT’s and paramedics in starting the treatment efficiently and effectively.

    What to engrave on your Medical Alert ID? Is the question usually people have in their mind. When deciding on what details to be engraved on your Medical Alert ID tag, below are 5 vital details that must not be ignored to be engraved on your Diabetes Medical ID tag.

    1)       First Name and Last Name: It is more likely you may get separated from your wallet / bag or purse and having your name engraved on the Diabetes alert bracelet becomes essential for the ER staff to get access to your medical records.

    2)       Current Medical Condition: If you are diagnosed to be a diabetic patient, your Medical ID tag should include or should be engraved in such a way that primary or first responders will get clear information about your medical condition.

    For e.g.:



    Diabetes Type I


    Diabetes Type II

    3)       Insulin dependent or Insulin pump: If a person is Insulin dependent or have a Insulin pump, then the information should engraved like something below:

    For e.g.:

    Diabetes Insulin Pump


    Diabetes Insulin Dependent

    4)       Any Medication or Allergies: The Medical Alert Bracelet should also contain information like having any severe food or allergies or if on any other medication.

    For e.g.:

    Diabetes Peanuts & Tree Nuts


    Diabetes Sulfa Allergy

    5)       Emergency Contact Number: It is very much important to have an emergency number, the person whom you want to call first if something happen seriously. This number can be of your mother, Father, Wife, husband, Doctor, nurse etc.

    This Diabetes Alert Bracelets can be life saving and therefore, it becomes essential for a person to wear a Medical Alert Bracelet if he is diagnosed with diabetes.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on December 18, 2013


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