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  • Things one should know about allergies
    Added by My Identity Doctor

    Food-AllergiesAre you too suffering with allergies? Sometimes you won’t know you have it. People often misunderstand thinking it’s just a cold but this symptoms can go on for months. Before you get stick to your whole box of tissues, here are some important things you should know about allergies:

    1. Go to an allergist in case your symptoms last too long to wonder. You must undergo test and find out exactly what you’re allergic to.

    2. Always read product labels, for nuts or peanuts that may provoke your allergic reactions

    3. All allergy symptoms are not same. Sometimes you eat it and just get a stomach ache doesn’t mean you won’t suffer from throat swelling.

    4. Restaurants, movie theaters, don’t take your allergies too seriously. So it is necessary for you to mention them about it or wear medical alert bracelet or necklace.

    5. At least 25 per cent of people suffer from seasonal allergies. People can develop allergies at any age. Many have them in their childhood while other get them as adults.

    6. Nuts and other foods are not only the cause of allergies. It may occur due to Outdoor molds, fungus and even your pet.

    7. If you are finding it difficult to differentiate between cold & allergy symptom, remember that allergies don’t get you fevers or greenish nasal discharge.

    8. You must consult your doctor immediately if you are suffering with hay fever or asthma.

    9. You cannot cure your allergies, but you surely can avoid them. Try to stay away from affecting triggers.

    Do you also have a life threatening food allergy or love someone who has a food allergy? If so, what would you like to let others know? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.


    Published by My Identity Doctor on January 22, 2014


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