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  • The perks of coffee for your health: Celebrating International Coffee Day
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    coffee-cup-25271280527720dy8uMany people are big fans of coffee. They may say they want to kick the caffeine habit, but something stops them (maybe the caffeine addiction). But did you know that there are actually health benefits to drinking coffee, not just that jolt of a pick-me-up in the morning when you need an extra boost, the delicious taste, or are getting a bit sleepy mid-afternoon aft the office?
    How many of these coffee health benefits were you aware of?
    • Coffee may help protect against developing Type 2 diabetes [1]. People who increased coffee intake by an average of 1.69 cups per day were at an 11% lower risk of developing T2 diabetes than those who did not. (I’m not sure how much they were starting with drinking though!) [1]
    • Parkinson’s disease risk may be decreased by coffee consumption. And though coffee may make you feel jittery, it was suggested in a study that the caffeinated beverage might actually aide in decreasing the symptoms of the disease, which often includes tremors [1]
    • Coffee drinkers may have up to 65% lower chance of developing Alzheimer disease. [2]
    • Liver health. Coffee promoted liver health by decreasing incidence of liver disease. Specifically, in alcohol drinkers, it decreased risk of liver cirrhosis by over 20%. [1] Liver cancer rates were decreased by 40%, and by consuming 3 cups of coffee per day, rates were decreased by up to 50%! [1]
    • Coffee may also help prevent colorectal cancer [2]
    • You might think that coffee would decrease heart health, but that wasn’t found to be true when drinking coffee in moderation—two US cups or four european cups—per day, can reduce the risk of heart failure [1] Coffee also was suggested to lowered risk of stroke in some studies. [2]
    • Coffee can help prevent or ease depression, and can dramatically reduce the risk of suicide. [2]
    • Men may decrease their risk of death by drinking just one cup of coffee a day. This benefit is stated to be limited to drinking under 5 cups of coffee per day [3]. It also didn’t say how risk of death was avoided.
    • Pain reduction: those who experienced pain during their workday experienced a reduction in pain by drinking coffee. Another benefit for the strong stuff! [3]
    Remember, coffee may interact with some medications or cause increased side effects, or cause certain health conditions to worsen. If you aren’t currently drinking coffee and are thinking of starting just for the health benefits, check with your doctor first.
    And, if you don’t believe me, I’ll leave you to the credible Wheezy Waiter to back me up! 😉
    Published by My Identity Doctor on October 1, 2016


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