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    World Down Syndrome Day is creatively on March 21. Why is that creative? The numeric date, 3/21, is a nod to the chromosome alteration that causes Down Syndrome: an extra (or third) 21st chromosome, is the cause of the most common chromosomal condition, which affects 1 in 700 people in the US—each year, 6000 babies with Down Syndrome are born. [1] down syndrome awareness ribbon, one side yellow and one side blue. A feature of Down Syndrome is the distinct facial features of people with DS. Despite the common features of a “flattened” facial profile and nose, small head, mouth, and ears, and short nick, people
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    Tomorrow is World Down Syndrome Day. While I'm lucky to get to see these two awesome ladies every week when they attend the Special Olympics program I coach, I couldn't keep their awesome to myself--luckily, they excitedly agreed to share their stories for World Down Syndrome Day! A first for the Identity Doc Blog, we are sharing a two-part interview--today, you'll meet Brenda, as she shares about her daughter, Holli, who has Down syndrome. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Holli's interview! Brenda, with short dark brown hair and glasses, sits to the right with her arm wrapped around her daughter Holli, 12, who has Down Syndrome as they smile at the camera. Read More


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