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    There are misconceptions about all types of diabetes. For World Diabetes Day (November 14), we’re tackling the myths and misconceptions about diabetes with some solid facts.
    The Most Common Types of Diabetes
    • Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease that currently cannot be prevented or cured. T1D must be managed with lifelong insulin therapy by injection or insulin pump. Both children and adults can develop T1D.
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    I am lucky to have been somewhat enveloped into the awesomeness of the diabetes online community, despite not having diabetes myself. Diabetes is a complicated condition, and is sometimes hard for people to understand. Type 2 diabetes especially has a lot of misinformation surrounding it: as Kate shares, lifestyle may play a role, but there is a genetic component as well. For background, in type 2 diabetes the insulin that is made by the pancreas is not used by the body properly--this is called insulin resistance: blood glucose rises, and while very high blood glucose often causes weight loss, too much insulin in the body (as in insulin resistance) can contribute to weight gain or difficulty losing weight, even if you are trying to help your body out by eating well and exercising. You can already see how there is far more to type 2 diabetes than somet