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    While every diagnosis of a medical condition can be life-altering, there are few diagnoses that bring the shock and potential feelings of doom as a diagnosis of cancer. Everyone knows someone who has cancer, has survived cancer, or has been lost to cancer. 

    Screening and prevention

    Fortunately, cancer screening is getting more and more effective and efficient for many types of cancer. Screening is often quick, simple, and most often painless. Depending where you live, public health services may provide reminders of screenings when you reach the age of eligibility, or you may have to consult your doctor who will connect you with screening services.

    Treatment advances

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    i had the pleasure of meeting Janet Freeman-Daily, co-founder of the Lung Cancer Social Media (#LCSM) Twitter community at Stanford MedicineX in 2014. Janet is a clinical trial participant, and a leader in the lung cancer space, and I am so happy to have her joining us for World Cancer Day to share her experiences.Janet with cats Hi Janet! Thanks for joining us to share your story. Tell us a bit about yourself! For twenty years I worked as a systems engineer on aerospace projects like bringing high-speed internet into airplanes in flight, and integrating payloa
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