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    National Women’s Health Week starts on Mothers Day each year. We’re a bit early, but we might not be too early for those of you thinking about Mothers Day gifts that can help a mother, grandmother, aunt, or other special woman in your life to stay healthy. As long as they use them, that is, I got my mom a gift card to a thermal spa experience two years ago and she still hasn’t used it, despite a) wanting to go, and b) hearing my aunt, grandma and I rave about it. Some things you just can’t explain. 😉
    Here are some fun ideas for Mothers Day gifts that may also help improve her health, too!
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    Pink female gender signWhile it is not possible in all cases, the best way to manage cancer is to detect it early. For women, routine medical tests are done to minimize risks of cervical cancer and breast cancer—which makes it important to make time for annual check-ins with your doctor to ensure you’re healthy. It may seem like a hassle to book these appointments into your busy schedule, but that extra hour or two off work every year or so is certainly worth the trade-off! Catching abnormal cells early may minimize intensive cancer treatment: an hour or two now could prevent hours of what you want to be doing—spending time at work, school, with children or family and friends—from being unexpect


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