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    Recently, we discussed the connection between heart attacks and winter, and a big culprit seems to be snow shovelling. The winter, with its slippery sidewalks and snowy terrain, can also be a cause of some injuries and falls, both minor and major. Here are some tips you should be aware of to stay safe and pain-free when tackling that snow.
    Injures from snow shovelling: They might surprise you!
    The first major cause of injury from shovelling is injuries affecting the lower back [ Read More
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    Having an emergency kit doesn’t just pertain to your car (although you should have one stored in your car at all times!), and it goes beyond having a first aid kit—although that is important. While much of North America has been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures into the late Fall, it’s important to be prepared so that you’re not running around when the first snowstorm of the year takes hold! Instead, you’ll be able to stay cozy in your home to watch the news reports about how your local stores are all out of bottled water and canned food. (I’m sure that doesn’t just happen on TV!)
    Here’s what you need to make an emergency kit that’s got you covered when the unexpected strikes:


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