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    Did you know Healthy Weight Week has been going on for 21 years?! [1] The Healthy Weight Network describes Healthy Weight Week as "a time to celebrate healthy diet-free living habits that last a lifetime and prevent eating and weight problems.” [1] It also enforces that regardless of our current weight, we can and should also be healthy and happy at our “natural weights”. [1]
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    Understanding Weight Loss Claims and Quackery
    Weight loss is a common goal amongst many North Americans, and people around the world. It is important to keep an eye out f
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    World Obesity Day aims to help end obesity while also decreasing stigma around obesity for those who are currently affected. While obesity can be the cause of health issues, it can also result from health conditions, and the stigma faced by people who are obese can cause far-reaching problems including those related to employment, access to healthcare, socialization, and more—the impacts of obesity are not simply those related to health. As well, the Health at Every Size model advocates that every person can make positive lifestyle changes for their health, no matter their weight, size or shape.


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