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    As I write this on September 22, the following natural disasters have hit in just the last four weeks:
    • Hurricane Harvey (August 17/25 to September 3, 2017) [1]
    • Earthquake in Mexico - 8.2 magnitude (September 7, 2017) [2]
    • Hurricane Irma (August 30 to September 15, 2017) [3]
    • Hurricane Jose (September 5, 2017—ongoing at time of writing) [4]
    • Hurricane Katia (September 8-9, 2017) [5]
    • Hurricane Maria (September 20
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    One issue people tell me they have with wearing medical ID is simply remembering to wear it! After all, if you take off your medical ID bracelet to shower, sleep, or perhaps even to do some baking or crafting that might get your hands and wrists a bit messy, it may slip your mind to get your medical ID bracelet back where it needs to be to keep you safe—not your bedside table, bathroom or kitchen counter, but your wrist! The great thing about My Identity Doctor Medical ID jewelry is that it is 100% waterproof—and around here, we like to take that to mean dirt-proof, cookie-dough-proof, gym-proof, and wha


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