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    After years of waiting, last year, my mom bought a pair of kayaks for us to use at the cabin. Growing up with two cabins in my family, since childhood (and as the daughter of a fisherman!), I’ve always worn a life jacket or personal floatation device (PFD) on the water—this habit has stuck with me into adulthood. My stints on the water were relatively short, which meant that while I wore a PFD, I mostly wore whichever was specified to fit me—as is the most important factor of a PFD! Photo credit: Tiffani Epp (Source: Facebook) Once the kayaks were part of the equation, though, I made an investment: a PFD I actually
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    Surfer and young child on a beach with sunset.Summertime often conjures up images of cooling off with a splash—diving into a lake, jumping into a pool, the occasional droplets of water that inevitably make their way into a kayak or canoe, being surrounded by the wind in a boat. In addition to following our sun safety tips, here’s a review of how to stay safe on the water.
    Engage in all water activities with a buddy and supervise children at all times. Young children should always be within arms reach of an adult when around water, even if they are wearing a life jacke


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