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    human brain diagramCancer is one disease that affects many of us. There is a good possibility that any of us may be affected by cancer either through a family member or friend. Each cancer seems to have its own color as well, pink for breast cancer, blue for prostate cancer, and grey for brain cancer. Because of the affect cancer has on society, there are many events organized to promote awareness. This is the case in Canada as October is Brain Tumor Awareness Month in. Brain tumor facts like facts of other cancers are disturbing. Some of these facts include the following: An estimated 55,000 Canadians and 700,000 Americans [ Read More
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    [caption id="attachment_1963" align="alignright" width="236"]Brain Tumour Awareness

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    [/caption] Because of the threats that cancer can prove to each and every one of us, regardless of how we live our lives, there are many community-based drives to help raise awareness & funding to beat this horrible illness. Cancer stats are very scary to read, and unfortunately brain tumors are equall
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