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    The International Day of Charity isn’t until September 5th, but it’s a good time to start planning what you might like to do to give back on this important day. Celebrating the International Day of Charity can be done in a variety of ways and start a positive ripple-effect for change in your community. Most organizations have a process for those wanting to provide support, so starting early can be key to being able to have the impact you want!
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    3 Ways to Give Back in Your Community
    1. Donate your time. Most organi
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      Last March at Stanford Medicine X ED, my friend Sara and I presented on the role of social support in chronic disease management. Social support is extremely important in living with a chronic disease, and not only do you have people who “get you”, they can also often offer little life hacks for living with a diagnosis that you might not have thought of otherwise! Sara spoke from the perspective of being a mom to two kids with type 1 diabetes, and I spoke from my experience as someone with asthma. Circle of cartoon person silhouettes in a rainbow of colours, holding hands What Type of Support Groups are You Aware Of? Long gone are the days where “supp


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