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    Fall brings with it a lot of things many of us welcome: cooler temperatures, a return to school and more normal routines (even for those of us without kids!), and often, back to Fall-start sports seasons, whether those are indoor sports like basketball or floor hockey, swimming lessons starting up again, or getting ready to transition from outdoor-to-indoor seasons, like in soccer. For both kids and adults, the Fall can be a busy time getting organized to get back into the swing of a normal routine.
    Sports medical ID—indoors and out!
    No matter what your chosen sport is, if you have a chronic medical condition or allergy, it can be important
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    young girl on bike, back facing camera, sun shining in from top left.Bike Week is a favourite around here at My IDentity Doctor! Why is that? We love seeing our customers and friends getting out in their communities, getting active, and participating in a transportation method that can help you get where you’re going almost as fast as driving! We also love seeing that nearly everyone can participate in cycling: whether you ride a bike, a trike, a tandem bicycle, or a handcycle, or a custom bike that allows you or a child to ride with a disability, biking might just be for you!
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