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    Perhaps in 2019, one of your resolutions is get healthier—eat better, see friends and family more, and maybe even exercise. Getting more (or any!) exercise can be a daunting proposition: there seems to be so much to know to get started, that just the work to get started in itself may put you off.
    bright blue background with grey running shoes with pink laces, earbuds, a kettlebell, and fingerless weight lifting gloves.
    First, if you have a chronic health condition, speak with your doctor to ensure it is safe to exercise. In the meantime, if you need to wait for the green light, it may be safe for you to start with ge
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    young girl on bike, back facing camera, sun shining in from top left.Bike Week is a favourite around here at My IDentity Doctor! Why is that? We love seeing our customers and friends getting out in their communities, getting active, and participating in a transportation method that can help you get where you’re going almost as fast as driving! We also love seeing that nearly everyone can participate in cycling: whether you ride a bike, a trike, a tandem bicycle, or a handcycle, or a custom bike that allows you or a child to ride with a disability, biking might just be for you!
    Oh, and if you don’t even want to go any


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