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    Recently my mom was talking about getting a gym membership. I told her after her 2 week free trial, “Wait till after the 3rd week in January to sign up, the ‘resolutionists' will be gone.”
    It’s true: many of us start up New Years resolutions with the best of intentions—why wouldn’t we want to start 2019 off on the right path? However, by the end of week 1, 27% of people abandon their resolution goals; by the end of week 2, that number rises to 31% [1]. And by February, 80% of people will have abandoned their resolutions. [2]
    So how do you stay on track?
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    Fall brings with it a lot of things many of us welcome: cooler temperatures, a return to school and more normal routines (even for those of us without kids!), and often, back to Fall-start sports seasons, whether those are indoor sports like basketball or floor hockey, swimming lessons starting up again, or getting ready to transition from outdoor-to-indoor seasons, like in soccer. For both kids and adults, the Fall can be a busy time getting organized to get back into the swing of a normal routine.
    Sports medical ID—indoors and out!
    No matter what your chosen sport is, if you have a chronic medical condition or allergy, it can be important


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