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    In a recent post on Seasonal Affective Disorder, I mentioned that some of my local public libraries have special lamps that are used in treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms so that people can try them before making an investment. While perusing the health information at my local library brought up some suspicions (there are lots of “cure” type books present in libraries that are likely inaccurate, and I would never recommend following the information of such books that promise to cure a chronic medical condition such as asthma, allergies, diabetes, autism or ADHD without speaking with your doctor first. While many books at your local library may be great sources of information, this is one thing to be mindful of: not all books are trus
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    silhouettes of people wearing business attire over a map backgroundIf you have chronic disease or are the parent of a child with chronic disease, it is possible that you have encountered a social worker who either meets with you, or oversees you/your family on a regular basis to ensure that things are going well, often especially when making the adjustment to a new diagnosis. Social workers help to promote the wellbeing of the whole person—while the most common position of social workers we may think of is those in child protection and overseeing complicated family situations, social workers can also work in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings. Like Read More


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