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    My friend Stephen (who has chatted with me before about sleep apnea!) has eczema, and is the reason that I have not just glossed over writings on eczema when I am doing asthma research! Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that results in scaly, itchy rashes on the skin that can be red, tough, and even painful. Eczema is connected to allergies and asthma—although like allergies and asthma, you can have one without having the others (or you can be unlucky enough to have the whole triad). Some people have eczema so mild that it is easily treated and only causes problems once in awhile. Other times, eczema can be constant, more severe, and cause issues more frequently than the occasional flare-up. After reading some about eczema, I asked Steve if he would answ


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