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    Among the most misunderstood chronic diseases, diabetes probably comes close to the top of that list.  November 14th is World Diabetes Day—a day to bring awareness of the disease, and hopefully one person at a time, make it more understood through education.

    Diabetes is not one-size-fits-all.Diabetes mellitus simply means that there is an elevation in blood glucose levels. Gearing up for World Diabetes Day, here’s a primer on the different types of diabetes—and that there is no one size-fits-all approach to treatment . . . there are more types and treatm

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    medical-bracelet We talk about ways to stay healthy and take care of our medical needs all the time. However, how do we ensure a total stranger can access our medical needs and give us the proper care? Today, we live in a world where our medical information can easily be accessed. A new trend is growing and that is the medical ID bracelets and necklaces. Visible To the Trained and Untrained Eye People are accustomed to a hospital or doctor giving them a paper medical I.D. It is like a normal bracelet and contains valuable information for emergency response personnel. However, it does no good if emergency responders do not know to specifically look for it,


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