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    With January being the time of resolutions (often for better health!), it’s also the time of year that people may have keeping the extra pounds off—or taking them off—at front of mind. For some people, this can be achieved with managing what you eat, and exercising regularly. For others, though, it can be more difficult, complicated by other health factors. person holding out too large jeans with overlay of scale. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may consider having weight loss surgery—the collective term for a few different procedures that induce weight loss, also known as bariatric surgery. These surgeries typically shrink the size of your stomach, cau
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    Hypoglycemia is a condition occurring when your blood sugar (glucose) is too low. Blood sugar level is considered low if it is below 70 mg/dl. Blood sugar at or below this level can harm you. Hypoglycemia occurs when:
    • Body's sugar (glucose) is used up too fast
    • Glucose is being discharged into the bloodstream very slowly
    • Enough Insulin is released into the bloodstream
    hypoglycemia-symptoms-low-blood-sugar Hypoglycemia can be occurred in non-diabetic people by:
    • Drinking alcohol
    • Insulinoma
    • Lack of a hormone, like cortisol or thyroid hormone
    • Severe heart, kidney, o


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