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    Many families have summer homes, cabins, RVs or campsites we spend significant time at in the spring and summer months, stretching into early fall. Having such a retreat allows a place to relax and step back to the hustle of urban or suburban life. 

    However, it’s possible that, while these cottages, summer homes, or trailers are our “homes away from home”, we may not keep as watchful of an eye on certain safety precautions we do in our regular homes.

    As you prepare for summer home or camping season, here are some things to consider when socking or restocking yo

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    Group of 3 snow peopleThe holidays can be stressful as it is—Gerry wrote the other day about mental health during the holiday season. Another challenge many of us struggle with around the holidays is how to fit our lives with chronic disease into the stress, food, and busyness of the season. Here are some tips on how to make sure you take care of yourself during the holiday season if you are living with chronic illness.
    Keep up on your medications. Yeah, it sucks to have to stop at the pharmacy before the festivities start, but just think of how much better it’ll be then feeling bad, or stressing about runn


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