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    Hemophilia is a rare disorder that primarily affects males, which causes blood not to clot properly—it is very rare for true hemophilia to affect females. [1] Like many rare disorders, hemophilia is caused by genetics. Women are more likely to be carriers of the genes that cause hemophilia, but it was not until fairly recently it was realized that even though these women do not have hemophilia, that they can still experience bleeding related symptoms. [1]
    What causes hemophilia symptoms?
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    Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that most often impacts boys, but in some cases can affect girls—though their type of bleeding disorder may be milder. Hemophilia causes abnormalities in blood clotting, which can lead to internal bleeding that may be severe, difficulty stopping bleeding of cuts, large bruises that result from bumps, and painful joints from joint bleeds. Hemophilia persists to adulthood.
    Especially for children in school, but also for adults, wearing medical ID jewelry can be important for various reasons when you have hemophilia. Even with treatment, severe bleeds may occur, and lifestyle modifications should be followed,
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