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    In the United States, 20,000 people live with hemophilia, and 1-2% of Americans live with von Willebrand Disease. [1] Each of these diseases cause bleeding to last longer, are not contagious, and can be treated but have no cure. [1] Hemophilia affects mostly boys and men, whereas von Willebrand Disease affects men and women equally. [2, Read More
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    hemophiliaHemophilia is a hereditary condition. It is a bleeding disorder in which blood fails to clot normally. People suffering with hemophilia bleeds more and for longer duration after injury thus leading to internal bleeding. There are two main types of hemophilia categorized as follows:
    • Type A, caused by a lack of factor VIII, protein that help blood to form clots. Type A cases are severe
    • Type B hemophilia, caused by a deficiency of factor IX
    How common is it? It is a rare disorder. It can occur in people of all races, and ethnic origins. Around 18,000 people have been diagnosed. 400 new born are born affected with hemophilia


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