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    Here it is, your annual refresher! Whether you intentionally don’t set resolutions to go into effect January 1, or you’re a die-hard resolutionist, it can be either very daunting to think of setting goals, or feel easy to set goals, and hard to be successful at achieving them! And, you’re far from alone if you stray from your resolutions, even in the first weeks of the year! Take some of the pressure off. There’s this great song by The Rocket Summer called Cars and the Pixies (Happy New Year), that has a bunch of lines that I really love—one of which is “Who says it has to be the new year to start a new year?" While a
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    We all want to be happier and healthier in the year that is just about to arrive but our resolutions are often vague and difficult to reach. Becoming healthy need not be overpowering. Here are six healthy New Year's resolutions to get toward optimum well-being in the coming New Year.
    New Years Resolutions

    1. Meditate for a healthy brain

    The meditation has scientific support to justify its growing popularity. Studies have shown that meditation can help us to become more centered and relaxed, and can also literally change the configuration of our brain, increasing gray matter density and transforming


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