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    The International Day of Charity isn’t until September 5th, but it’s a good time to start planning what you might like to do to give back on this important day. Celebrating the International Day of Charity can be done in a variety of ways and start a positive ripple-effect for change in your community. Most organizations have a process for those wanting to provide support, so starting early can be key to being able to have the impact you want!
    3 potted plants, each at a different stage of growth
    3 Ways to Give Back in Your Community
    1. Donate your time. Most organi
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      scrabble tiles spelling resolution with pink, green and yellow post it notes beneath. Many people start the new year with health goals—they plan to lose weight or exercise more or take better care of their diabetes, or do a better job remembering to take their blood pressure or cholesterol meds every day. In fact, 21.4% of New Years Resolutions are to “lose weight/eat healthier” and an additional 12.3% aim towards general “life/self improvements” [1]—that means 33.7%, or a third of people making Resolutions, are likely trying to improve their health in some way. Making small changes that add up is a lot e


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