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    July 30th is International Friendship Day! I have a lot of great friends here in my hometown, but also have many friends across the border in the US, as well as scattered other places in the world. While international friendship day is a day to celebrate friendships in general, it’s kind of fun to be able to focus on those friendships that are truly international, spanning borders and oceans, too!
    two toddler girls with hair in braids wearing dresses holding hands outside.
    Health Benefits of Friends
    There are many reasons having friends is good for your health!
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    [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="600"]Shape of a traditional heart filled with veins and arteries of a human heart. An EKG wavelength is featured overlaying the image, with OK in a circle on the left of the image, at the end of the EKG tracing. Public Domain Image from VisionTimes via Pixabay[/caption] Lots of work goes into keeping your heart healthy—but, it is worth it to live a long and healthy life. Especially if you are at higher risk of heart disease because of another chronic disease or family history, it is important to start making the small changes that can help protect you against heart disease. What better day to try a few heart-healthy to-do’s than toda


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