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    National Sleep Awareness WeekWe're right smack dab in the middle of sleep awareness week, and I think I could use a nap. No, I'm serious. I’m really tired, and I know that I'm not alone. The National Sleep Foundation celebrates this annual event in order to raise awareness and spread scientific research discoveries on the function and imperative nature of healthy sleeping habits. Especially since we live in a society that is constantly going, over stimulated, and entirely reliant on technology, we could all use a frequent reminder to slow down and just rest

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    Patient Safety Awareness WeekHappy National Patient Safety Awareness Week from the Identity Doctor and all everyone at My-Identity-Doctor blog.

    National Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual event that seeks to inform and educate both patients and healthcare providers on ways to improve treatment efficiency, prevent recurrence, and overall streamline certain medical processes. This week encourages focus and attention on


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