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    Did you know that there are immunizations that are required at every stage in life? These quick, although sometimes not painless, shots help prevent diseases that can be life-threatening or simply inconvenient and a public health issue. Are you up to date on your vaccines? We’ll get you started with some info for National Immunization Awareness Month. Don’t you mean vaccination? Terminology can be tricky—I had to Google this answer, too. A vaccination or vaccine is something given to you, usually as an injection by a needle, by a medical professional, to prevent a disease. After the vaccination is given, the body’s immune system fights off th
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    It’s Influenza Vaccine Week! While many of us—myself included—have our flu shots administered in October or November (or in some places, even earlier!), it’s not too late, as is proven by the fact that Flu Vaccine Week is December 1 to 7!
    While i’m lucky enough that my flu shot the last two years has come to me (in the form of my sport medicine doctor who is also the father of one of the athletes I coach!), I’ve found it’s even hard to enter a shopping mall or grocery store without being greeted by a sign that your friendly neighbourhood pharmacist and their staff are stocked and ready to provide your flu vaccine! Flu shots are even more important if you live with a chronic disease—I have asthma, so I try to get my flu shot as early as I can into the season—other conditions that make you at high-risk if you develop the flu i


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