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    Often when I interview people for the Identity Doc blog, I find people who have been living with a certain medical condition for a good while. Sometimes, though, it's a great way to turn the tides by finding someone who has only learned of their diagnosis relatively recently--i think it's always empowering to be able to find someone who is in a similar stage of their journey as you are. Beth has only been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia within the last few months. She and I have a lot in common--ADHD, a love of Guide Dogs, writing, and the belief that our stories can help others! Today, for Fibromyalgia Day 2016, I'm happy to have Beth here to share her story. ---

    Hi Beth! Thanks for joining us today--tell our readers a bit about yourself!

    Hey there! So I’m Beth - a half-Northern Irish half-Texan (but more North


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