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    With Fall brings a different set of challenges for many people with asthma and allergies. Among people with asthma, children are typically hardest hit by the effect of Fall on their asthma, an effect that may be most-pronounced around the third week in September. The September Asthma Peak is a researched health “phenomenon”, where higher-than-average rates of asthma related emergency department visits are made by patients, specifically children. The September Peak has declined in recent years, however, research still indicates that the Peak is still prevalent in the Fall, although less significantly than a decade ago. [1] Read More
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    woman-with-allergyIt’s that time of year again for a lot of allergy sufferers in the United States: Fall, for some people, can be as bad for people with allergies and asthma as Spring can, even if it doesn’t have such a bad reputation. Ever wonder why your allergies might get worse in the Fall? Here are some things to think about, especially if you’ve had allergy testing done that indicates you react to any of these common allergens.
    • Ragweed. WebMD reports that about 75% of people allergic to spring pollens are also allergic to ragweed [1] If you are
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