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    Black circle outline icon containing blue inside with outline of man's face wearing safety goggles in white.Do you enjoy watching your children or pets play, or a beautiful sunset? How about your favorite sports team? We all have things in our lives that we love to watch. Now, what if you were not able to watch these  things that are important to you? In the U.S. 2.5 million eye injuries occur each year, with 50% of these happening at home. (1) So with this being the case, what can we do to prevent eye injuries at home? Here are a few suggestions of what you can do
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    child eyesightEnsuring good eyesight and eye health for your children starts as early as pregnancy. Making sure that you eat a healthy and balanced diet will promote healthy eye development for your baby. Your child should continue to eat healthily as this is extremely important for their overall health but there are some specific foods which you can eat to maintain eye health as well: leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach can help to prevent cataracts; oily fish or those high in omega 3 will also help to reduce


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