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    This year’s theme for the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities on December 3rd is “Inclusion is for everybody” [1] What does inclusion mean in a community?
    International Day of People with Disability
    Inclusion is the opposite of segregation. While historically children with disabilities have been educated in separate classrooms or sometimes schools, mo
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    Last year, only 17.9% of Americans with a disability were employed, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. [1] Disability Employment Awareness Month aims to promote the skills of people with disabilities in the workforce, and encourage more companies and employers to hire employees with disabilities. Some events that may be held for Disability Employment Awareness Month in your area include job fairs for job-seekers with disabilities and employers looking to hire people with a disability, training sessions on different types of disability, and workshops for how to accommodate employees with disabilities, and the laws that protect employees with a disability in the workplace.


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