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    If you are reading this, you likely know someone with chronic illness or chronic disease. The holidays can be a challenging time for all of us to keep on top of our health, and may pose even more of a challenge for people with chronic illness as they balance self-management of their medical condition, preparations for the holidays, disruption to their routines, and additional stress. Depending on a person’s health and medical condition, they may need to make no adjustments during the holidays, or the increased demands of the season may make them have to make specific choices to stay in control of their health.
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    September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month. Chronic pain can arise from a variety of different medical conditions—arthritis, migraines, nerve damage, fibromyalgia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, ulcers, gallbladder disease, and lupus [1], to name just a few—as well as injuries that have not healed properly, poor posture, obesity, sleeping on an unsupportive mattress, trauma, and other acute or chronic injuries. [1] Sometimes, the cause of pain even is difficult or impossible to identify [1]—even if all of the causes above sound like they should be relatively easy to diagnose. Read More


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