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  • Summertime boredom? July is Anti-Boredom Month!
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    Maybe your Summer adventures have hit a bit of a lull. When the kids have been out of school for awhile, when they’re finally settled into a routine, things can get… well, boring! I guess there’s a reason that someone declared July “Anti-Boredom Month!” The good news is, you’re currently on the internet, and the internet has a lot of great ideas for how to get un-bored this summer! (Although, just try to avoid the black hole of Pinterest… although if you’re sliding into the abyss, be sure to follow us!)

    We’re always telling you that our medical ID jewelry is up for anything—when better to test everything you can throw at it (maybe not quite literally!) than summertime, when you can be sliding down a slip n’ slide (or a waterslide!), digging in the sand or mud, baking any number of yummy treats, or taking to the road to travel all America—and beyond—have to offer? Whatever you choose to pursue this summer, know that your My Identity Doc medical ID can stand up to it!

    If you’re bored (or the kids are!), we’re here to spread the anti-boredom magic dust—AKA fun! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

    • Splash pads or spray parks are popping up in many communities, and are great for kids of all ages—and adults, too!
    • Just add water! Don’t have a splash or spray area nearby? Never fear—just add water! Grab your garden hose, sprinkler, wading pool, buckets, sponges, water balloons… Anything goes!
And if you have a dog… help them cool off in the heat and make bath time happen at the same time!
    • Rainy day? Check out a movie—at home or in theatres!—a local museum, or summer programming at your local library! Hanging at home? Do some baking as a family and make one of those crazy recipes that you’ve had saved in your Facebook links for three months! Remember those sponges from the water fight? Kids can have a sponge fight indoors—kinda like snowballs!—without (hopefully!) breaking anything.
    • Feeling crafty? Accessorize your medical ID bracelet from My Identity Doctor with charms, a second beaded strand, or something else fun—show us your creations on Facebook or Twitter!
      Note: While accessorizing your ID tag strand is fun, know that wire and beads may not be as durable as our stainless steel bracelets. A solution? Make an add-on strand! You’re sure to not lose your bracelet to a malfunction (…as has been my own experience!) or break, while adding to the style with a multi-strand look!
    • Go on a scavenger hunt! There are lots of great ways to be active as a family. A scavenger hunt for things you’ll find in your community is just one—make a list, or find one of many great neighbourhood scavenger hunt lists online!
    • Good things come to those who wait! There are some activities that take awhile, but can be great sources of fun over the summer. Some include growing large dinosaurs that come from a small egg (they’ll grow as big as the container you put them in!), making crystals with Borax (ensure kids are old enough to know not to consume the water or put their hands in their mouths after touching!) by suspending a coloured pipe-cleaner or two balled-up as desired into a glass of water with an ample amount of Borax added, to make crystals! 
Having a reading-contest (public libraries often have great summer reading lists!), making movies and slide-shows, and writing and illustrating books or comic books can be great—dare I say educational?—sources of fun that can last many days or weeks!

    And remember, for kids and adults with medical conditions, your Identity Doc medial ID is built to withstand your fun. So make sure you keep it on to stay safe during your summer adventures!

    What are you doing this summer? Let us know in the comments!

    Published by My Identity Doctor on July 19, 2017


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