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  • Spring is here! New My Identity Doctor Dog Tag Spotlight!
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    One day recently, I got an e-mail from Jon, the shop owner, telling me that all my “colored-alumnium dreams” had come true on the shop! I had previously asked Jon if he had plans to expand the selection of coloured medical ID bracelet tags and dog tags beyond the blue, green and red that he has had available for several years.
    Specifically, I’d asked him to add purple to his color offerings—my favorite color. Well, not only is a lovely purple dog tag now available, a pink one is too!
    Purple dog tag
    Pink dog tag
    If pink and purple aren’t your colors but you want something a bit spring-y, and ready for both the rain and the pool, how about this bright orange one?
    Orange dog tag
    Okay, you get the idea! But whatever your colour, we’ve got something for you or your kid who is in need of a new medical ID necklace and prefers the dog tag style medical ID. With lots of room for engraving, and easy to read silver text against the coloured surface, you can’t go wrong. Choose a color that matches your school colors, favorite sports team, or just a favorite color in general. For kids, or anybody wanting to add a little more flair to their ID, adding a charm of your choice can also often be slipped onto the dog tag chain, but without detracting from your medical dog tag’s important purpose!
    In addition to the colors mentioned above (green, red, blue, pink, purple and orange), our NEW medical ID dog tags come in black, silver, and yellow! We also have a more “classic” dog tag style, silver with a red, black or white emblem on the lower portion of the tag, with our classic bold black filled custom engraving!
    Classic STAINLESS STEEL medical ID dog tag with white medical ID emblem.
    All of our medical ID dog tags feature room for both front and back engraving, depending on how much space you need, and your preference. The front of the tag is engraved across the shorter portion of the tag, while the back of the tag’s space is maximized to enable up to 5 lines of medical information running the direction of the long side of the tag. With 5 lines of engraving, fitting in all of your necessary medical information and emergency contact phone number should not be a problem—however, if you have a lot of information that may be necessary in an emergency, wearing two medical dog tags on the same chain can enable you to maximize the information you are able to communicate with first responders, while keeping that information out of your way in your day-to-day life—often, military service member dog tags are worn in pairs, and your medical ID dog tags can take on the benefits of this style while keeping you extra safe.
    Both our stainless steel and aluminum medical ID dog tags are waterproof, durable, and, best of all, easy to read when it’s most important. Check out all of our dog tags on My Identity Doctor.
    Published by My Identity Doctor on April 26, 2017


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