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  • Seniors with Type II Diabetes Safety Tips
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    Diabetes Safety TipsDiabetes is a chronic disease caused by high levels of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream. In people suffering from diabetes, the insulin produced by the pancreas lowers blood glucose. Also, insufficient or total absence of insulin causes diabetes.

    Type II diabetes is a condition suffered by adults, especially those in their 40’s and above, whereby the body produces insulin but doesn’t use it properly, or the insulin produced is inadequate. A major feature of type II diabetes is a lack of sensitivity to insulin by the body organs and cells, especially muscle and fat cells.

    So below are some expert safety tips for seniors with Type II diabetes:

    1. Take your pills as directed by your doctor

    You may have to administer insulin shots several times a day to keep your levels steady.

    2. Reduce your calories and keep it there

    If you really want to lose weight, reduce the quantity of fat you consume. This will help to lessen how much calories you take in. Also, when you take less fat, it helps lower your cholesterol.

    3. Exercise regularly

    It’s not always enough to just cut back on your calories. Regular exercise is good for your body too. A little jogging, trekking or what have you will go a long way in keeping you fit and weight conscious.

    4. Minimize your intake of carbohydrate

    Carbohydrates easily convert to blood sugar and can result to your blood sugar levels increase. If you do not have sufficient insulin in your system, your body may not use the sugar for energy and this turn to fats rather. Also, consuming smaller quantities of food over the course of the day helps maintains a steady blood sugar level more than eating three or four square meals.


    5. Avoid sugary foods and drinks

    Instead of sugary drinks or other beverages that have high sugar content, take unsweetened tea or even water – better to give up some pleasure than have your health on the brink. For your dessert, you can enjoy fresh fruits. As much as possible, stay away from processed and prepared foods as they mostly contain corn syrup, high salt and fat contents.

    6. Use a Diabetes medical bracelet

    If you are suffering from type I and type II diabetes and in case of emergency, you should always have a Type 2 Diabetes Bracelet or Diabetes Necklace that will help to get treated well and faster when you are not able to explain or speak about your condition to any medical professional.

    7. Make a plan and learn more about diabetes

    In order to develop a treatment plan, you need to make a plan with your healthcare providers. For a lot of patients, a diabetes educator is an essential part of your team, from whom you can learn how best to eat and stay active and safe. Managing your diabetes will need you to work together with your doctor.

    Published by My Identity Doctor on September 5, 2014


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